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A powerful learning environment

A powerful learning environment: coaching

Some of our volunteers train individual people. They work with recent arrivals who do not yet speak the local language, refugees, people in need of care….. Sometimes they are the source of useful information and this needs to be be conveyed as clearly and as correctly as possible. More often the conversation has a different purpose and we are trying directly or indirectly to support the development of personal competencies. In this way people can achieve more control over the course of their own life.

Thinking and theories about learning and development are in constant evolution. It is for this reason that we need to consider how these ideas affect training methods. Our training is focused on the fact that learners are approached from the point of view of their own development because we believe that every participant is able to take steps to develop him or herself. This demands a conversation in which the trainer takes on more of a coaching relationship. Thinking together with the volunteers about coaching and possible ways of training individual participants has the aim of ensuring that the vision that the organisation wants to create will be taken over by the various volunteers involved, each in his or her own way.

The framework we are using formulate to this coaching is based on the theories of Jef Clement (2015). We recommend his book to those looking for further information.

See below for a number of ppts (PowerPoint Presentations) which can be used during a three day volunteer group training session on the subject of coaching and growth of coaching skills. There are various exercises which can be used individually or in group(s). Of course, in practice, further training will be necessary in order to adequately acquire the skills. Regular reflection in the light of the situation in which is being worked will make possible further growth on the part of the volunteer.

In annex you will find some worksheets which provide support in the use of the ppt. You will also find a collection of practical questions which can be used during the different steps of the GRROW model.

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