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A powerful learning environment

A powerful learning environment: working with groups

Some of our volunteers will be teaching groups. They may lead excursions, they may give information on a particular topic, they may support the learning of a creative technique, they may teach languages….. .

Given that thinking and opinions about learning have evolved with the passage of time, we need to consider how these ideas can be put into practice in learning situations in order that the development of learners can always be addressed in the belief that every participant can make progress in their individual development.

The job of the teacher and  didactic skills needed have changed as opinions about how learning takes place have changed. Thinking together with the volunteers about ways of teaching and mentoring groups aims to ensure that the vision that an organisation wants to put into practice will be adopted by the volunteers concerned, each in his or her own way.

The framework that we are using to design and give depth to 21st century lessons is based on the theory of Bouwstenen  voor (Building Blocks for) High Impact Learning by Filip Dochy (KULeuven). For more information we warmly recommend his book. He personally provides more information about his theory in a YouTube video.

In annex you can find a ppt on how to begin working with a group of volunteers. Short exercises help participants to talk about their own ideas and dreams. These are then tested against Dochy’s theory. After this a whole range of practical tips is offered to facilitate the use of the HILL theory in the classroom.

In annex you will also find a number of worksheets which could be used to provide support when using the ppt. There is also a collection of practical tips which can provide support for volunteers when putting the powerful learning environment into effect.


Dochy F. e.a., BOUWSTENEN VOOR HIGH IMPACT LEARNING, Het leren van de toekomst in onderwijs en organisaties. Amsterdam, Boom Lemma uitgevers, 2015. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xljhu6_FYYM&t=13s

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