2nd Seminar – Turnhout, Belgium

Managing Volunteers | Empowering People

We conclude our two-year European project MAVEP with a grand Final Conference and would like to have you there!

We show what we have learned, our most important insights and which way we want to go to offer our volunteers the most powerful support.

It promises to be an exciting day with a mix of learning moments, social gathering and exchange around the themes: powerful learning environment, coaching, talents and inclusion.

9.30 am: introduction of the project and inspiring lecture about talent by Elke Thiers
12 noon: lunch
13.30: Powerful learning environment

Discover, learn, exchange and gain inspiration in a powerful learning environment.

About: talent, coaching, hard-to-reach target groups, powerful learning and community learning.

How to participate

Slotconference MAVEP Managing Volunteers | Empowering People

If you are interested to participate in our seminar, contact the coordinator organisation in the email dinamo@warande.be

Price: 15 euros


Coming Soon!

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