Passion test



A passion game is a way to explore personal passions and interests and find out the common identity interests of the participants.
This game is adapted from a traditional getting-to-know you exercise, to elicit the participants’ interests and passions around their identity.
The game involves asking participants a series of questions based on
Do you feel passionate about this particular activity?
Participants move to one side of the room if they are passionate about that activity and to the other side if they definitely are not interested and stayed in the middle if they don’t care or had a mild interest.
The questions cover interests in sport, fitness, outdoor activities, thrill– seeking activities, the arts, music, dancing, drama, performing, cooking, eating foods from other cultures, environmental issues, and topical issues such a concern for refugees. For each question those who moved to the passionate side were asked their specific interest (e.g., actual sport, type of music).


This helps each participant to think about their own passions and identify others with similar interests, offering the potential to consider working together on a project of mutual interest.


Subsequent discussions on participant interests can reveal further mutual identity issues and engender enthusiasm to pursue and celebrate these issues.


Authors: Tom Lowe (The University of Winchester) and Alex Bols (GuildHE)

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