Managing Volunteers | Empowering People

The project Managing Volunteers | Empowering People is aimed at the valoristaion of volunteers as educators coaches and mentors in adult education. They play an essential role in adapting the adult educational organisation to the diversifying society in which it operates. Volunteers from minority and economically deprived groups introduce new methods, new ways of dealing with these targetgroups that are based on proximity and familiarity and less on formal skills and scholing background.

At the same time working with volunteers on the teaching and mentoring level introduces challenges for the payed staff and has to be sustained by a vision on the introduction and application of a “volunteer culture”.

The result for the partners of this project is situated on two levels. The volunteers are provided with skills and new didactical methods that they can use in their volunteer work. The organisations as such benefits from involved and skilled volunteers and rehances new and more difficult to reach targetgroups.

Project Partners



‘DINAMO’ organizes education for adults during the day and on Monday evenings. Remarkably, all of our courses, workshops and outings are given or led by volunteer experts and instructors. Ten professional team members (equivalent to seven full-time positions) direct 230 volunteers who deliver and lead some 400 activities per year. The average participant enrolls in about 2.3 activities, which means DINAMO counts about 6,000 enrollments per year.


UC Leuven- Limburg

UC Leuven-Limburg is a university college that groups a large number of study programs and research teams. It is part of the KU Leuven Association. Moving Minds is our philosophy, our way of being: motivating people and turning ideas into action. One of the programs is Teacher Education. UCLL has the largest Teacher Education Faculty in Flanders. In addition to educating teachers for preprimary, primary and secondary schools we also do research and give training in the workfield on education and learning in general.



D.A.F.N.I KEK (Developing Advanced Forces and New ideas through Continuing VET) is a non for profit training institution targeting to unemployed and NEETs social and market integration. Main vision of DAFNI KEK is to provide possibilities in order to enhance the well being of the citizens especially those who are excluded from opportunities , with special concern the Youth in the threshold of labor market in priority. To this direction DAFNI KEK develops several initiatives in local or European level. Guidance provided by the organisation evolves around holistic approaches that facilitate conversations with the aim of helping people learn, grow and fulfill their potential and enable them to tap into their own wisdom.


FO-Aarhus | Studenterhus

Studenterhus Aarhus is a private, non-profit organisation for all students at higher educations in Aarhus, Denmark. We manage a café and a bar and host a wide range of activities and events every year. This includes concerts, international nights, bridgebuilding to companies, cv workshops, language cafes, and whatever else the students might need – their imagination set the bar. We are nine professional staff members and approximately 180 volunteers who all work together to make the Student House the place to be for students in Aarhus.

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