Project Description

The project MAVEP – Managing Volunteers/Empowering people enables us to employ European funding to further advance the support of our volunteers. Our volunteers are the heart, the strength and the energy of the organisations involved in this project.

Our Vision for Lifelong Learning and Volunteering

The world is changing fast. Technological developments will cause jobs to disappear while others will be created. The jobs that remain will change out of all recognition while the skills needed to practise them will be very different. Technological progress has also an effect on the way in which we take care of each other or how we commit ourselves for society. There are other changes in society, such as ageing, and the gig economy which are forcing us to think differently about how we live, learn and work

Our E-Book

Our e-book is addressed to coaches and (volunteer) trainers in the non-formal adult education organisations. The ebook consists of theory, best-practices and practical tools.


These strategies will hopefully help inspire the  involvement of participants with fewer opportunities, NGO’s and networks that work with volunteers as well as mentors/counsellors who are interested in the work and the results of our project.


These tools will help volunteers to follow and learn from new methodogy courses and improve their didactic skills.
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